Josh Younger

Josh Younger

Josh has been at Jungle for 5 years after graduating with a degree in music production and film scoring. He loves blurring the lines between sound design and composition in his work and enjoys nothing more than being in the studio.

In his time as a junior engineer he has worked on a number of varied campaigns receiving credits for both his sound design and composition. Josh is currently working on the new Nickelodeon series Shimmer & Shine as well as other long form projects, short films and commercials.

Sound Design - Joshua Younger
Agency - Riff Raff
Director - Ben Reed
Producer - Matt Posner

Sound Design & Mix - Joshua Younger
Producer - Aaron Hutchinson
Mike Brookes - Animation & Art Direction

Sound Design - Alex Wilson-Thame & Joshua Younger
Composition - Joshua Younger
Director - Robert Smith
Producer - Anthony Brownmoore & Robert Smith