Lawrence Kendrick

Lawrence Kendrick

Since joining Jungle in 2011, Lawrence has enthusiastically exercised his passion for sound design, composition and mixing. He is  delightfully creative in the studio and works closely with a variety of major brands, broadcasters and agencies that keep on coming back.  

Lawrence has a comprehensive understanding of sound and loves the creative challenges that come with every project. As well as short form, Lawrence loves to work on the odd short film and has also been known to work on Theatre and Installation projects. Lawrence LOVES all things sound.

You can see more of Lawrence's work on Vimeo here.

Sound Design: Lawrence Kendrick

Agency: Kream

Director: Ed Rosie

Producer: Debbie Impett

Sound Design: Lawrence Kendrick

Agency: Dare

Producer: Lyndsay Myerscough

Creatives: Chloe Pope and Jessica Morris

Director: Chris Palmer

Sound Design: Lawrence Kendrick

Agency: RNLI

Director: Aram Atkinson

Producer: Aram Atkinson