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A Bletchley Park Memorial


Take a look at this clip for ‘The Petard Pinch’ a  Bletchley Park Memorial - Sound Designed by Josh Younger, one of our junior trainee Sound Designers in Transfer – He’s done a lovely job on this spot depicting the events in 1942, in Britain during WW2.

 The story follows  HMS Petard, amidst battle, three men act with bravery and courage, in the process capturing vital Nazi documents and secret codebooks that helped Bletchley Park to crack the enigma code, and ultimately help win the war. For decades following the war, their story went unrecognised. This film recounts that story and pays tribute to what they achieved. Sadly it perhaps shows how little has changed in 73 years. We still have a need for brave Men and Woman… 

Credits are:

Agency – Across The Pond

Animation Direction - Mike Brookes

Producer – Aaron Hutchinson

Sound Design – Josh Younger