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Do It Day wins event of the year at the British Media Awards


Congratulations to all our mates over at The Drum who won Event of The Year at the British Media Awards with 'Do it Day' The mission statement? 'We believe marketing has the power to change the world and we believe you can do this in 24hrs. Just imagine the difference we could make if we all worked together. Even if it’s for just one day.'

Jungle and Radioville got involved by writing and recording and airing a radio ad in just one day to advertise Metro's call for readers to do a good deed for the day, and to let everyone know what they had done and lots of good was done indeed. Looks like they are going to do it all over again this year... better get ready people! get set... GO! Well, on September 29th anyway! Do It Day 2016...  The full list of winners is here.