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Jungle Studio's Round Up of 2016


Jim Griffin sound designed “Maoam – Full On Dancer” for Isobel. Check out this goofy dance wizard.

The now legendary PlayStation 'Double Life' advert - sound designed by Hass - is shown as a tribute to Frank Budgen at the British Arrows.


Philadelphia Angels and Dairylea return to our screens after a long absence with help from Owen Griffiths and Chris Turner.

The League Against Cruel Sports launched their ad, ‘Silent Enemy'.  Directed by Paul Murphy with sound by Chris Turner, it’s a perfect example of how sound can make a massive contribution to hammering home a message, to the extent that Ricky Gervais shared the ad with his Twitter followers. Click here to see what we mean.  

The late Carrie Fisher paid Jungle a visit to record some very funny scripts for IBM. She’ll be sorely missed.  

We were back on The LBB Beach in Cannes with our now yearly Hanging Gardens event.  A perfect week of massage, relaxation and fun in the sun marred only by having to come home. Come down and join us this year as we’re being forced to do it all over again!

Hass sound designed the Alzheimer’s 'Walk Through Dementia' campaign.  It features a unique Google Cardboard app designed to put you in the shoes of someone living with dementia. The result is very powerful.

Rio 2016! Jungle and Native joined forces to create the audio track to the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics. The sound and music for the trailer and title sequences were beautifully crafted - but we would say that!  Decide for yourselves…

We jetted off to Kinsale for our yearly fill of Guinness.

Jungle Productions produced the Barking Heads TV ads and Jungle provided the sound.  We even lent them Hass for the voice of the dog and MD Graham Ebbs who stars in one spot as the out of shape jogger. Type cast again!

Native took a trip to Abbey Road to record the orchestral arrangements for the delightful M&S Christmas ad written by Rachel Portman.

Hey Duggee won a BAFTA! All the great voices for this show are recorded here at Jungle by the very talented Dominic Dew.

Jungle became Jungleurs for an evening as we hosted London’s top voice agencies.  They supply the stars for what will be a bi-monthly event from now on.  Lip Service was first up to the plate, presenting four incredibly talented comedians for what turned into a fantastic evening. So good they kicked it off again this January!


We kicked off the Christmas season with ads for Currys PC World, directed by James Rouse for AMV’s Rich & Andy. Meanwhile, in another studio, the aforementioned Andy and Rich roped in the talents of James Corden and Bret McKenzie (from Flight of the Conchords) for the Sainsbury’s Christmas extravaganza. Sound designed by Owen Griffiths and painstakingly created using stop frame animation and thousands of 3D printed faces by Sam Fell at Passion and Helen Downing at Pulse. Great work!


We once again teamed up with Radioville for the The Drum’s Do It Day – Change the World in One Day! We created and aired a radio ad to encourage young people to share their work with leading Advertising Creative Talent using the hashtag #meetyourfuture.

And we loved Alex Wilson Thame’s sound design on Aldi 'Hunger of the Gods' which is, quite frankly, fantastically bonkers.

An amazing CGI tiger appeared alongside Chris Turner’s sound for JWT’s WWF film ‘Tiger Protectors'.

And finally…what a way to end the year! Jungle and Native team up once again to give the coolest party of the year at The Lights of Soho with music from the amazing Ed Harcourt.

Top 6 Native Lounge Sessions of 2016

Clean Cut Kid
Atlantic Records Takeover – Anne-Marie supported by DC
Tiggs Da Author
Luke Sital-Singh
Ed Harcourt


Awards & Honours 2016

Music & Sound – Best Sound Design Nominations
Spike Idents – Jim Griffin
Sky Living – Dominic Dew
Powownow – Owen Griffiths
Aerial Award March
Currys PC World – Bootcamp – Chris Turner
British Arrows – Best Cinema Commercial

Adot – Lights – Bronze – Chris Turner
British Arrow Craft Awards – Best Use of Music
BBC Sport - Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” – Silver - Dan Neale - Native
APA Collection
BBC Sport – Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” – Chris Turner and Native
Music Week Sync Awards - Nominations
Music Supervisor of the Year (Advertising): Dan Neale - Native
Best Sync in a TV Trailer: BBC Sport – Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” - Native
Best Sync in a TV Commercial: M&S Fashion "Art of Christmas” – Native
Music Week – Sync of the Week

M&S Christmas "With Love From Mrs Claus" Rachel Portman

BBC Sport - Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” / Jamie N Commons “Not Gonna Break Me"
Kinsale Sharks - Nominations
BBC Sport – Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” – Native
League Against Cruel Sports – Silent Enemy – Chris Turner
IPA Effectiveness Awards
Snickers – Mr Bean – Gold – Owen Griffiths

L’Oreal – Age Perfect – Silver – Chris Turner
BBC Sport – Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” – Best Launch Silver – Chris Turner / Native

Nickelodeon – Harvey Beaks – Best Children’s Promo Silver – Lawrence Kendrick

BBC Sport – Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” – Best Trailer of the Year
Shots – Best Sound Design Nomination
BBC Sport – Rio 2016 “The Greatest Show on Earth” – Chris Turner
Campaign Top Ten
Since radio is all about sound, it was lovely to have two entries for radio. Chris Turner at No: 4 with Currys PC World 'Bootcamp' for AMV BBDO, and Jim Griffin and Rick Morris at No: 10 for their work on Audible 'Where are You' for Fold 7.