Bert the Binaural Head

We’d like to introduce you to our newest member of the team - Bert. His creator Georg Neumann called him KU100 but we’re never going to remember that and “Bert” is easy to type.

He’s also actually rather clever as he was designed to record binaural sound - the same way we hear.  The sound is affected by his head, pinnae and ear canals, before it reaches the actual microphones buried deep in his head. 

When you listen to a recording that Bert has made, it’ll feel very much like you were there with him. His work is best listened to on headphones (which these days isn’t the issue it once was) but you’ll be pleased to know his stereo work played on ordinary speakers sounds great too. Put on some headphones and check out some of what he can do below.


A Day In The Life of Binaural Bert