Dominic Dew

Dominic Dew

Dom has over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry and longer if you add in the years in music, he has a good ear!  As a musician, Dom loves being creative with sound and working with the diverse range of Directors and Creatives,  and enjoys the variety in general, that short form work brings. He has worked with all the leading agencies as well as broadcasters such as BBC, Nickelodeon, MTV, Discovery and CH4. Dom is proud to have worked on the recent Emmy and BAFTA winning CBeebies show Hey Duggee for Studio AKA

You can see more of Dom's work on Vimeo here.

Sound Design: Dominic Dew

Agency: Brothers & Sisters

Producer: Jennifer Kennedy

Sound Design: Dominic Dew

Agency: Watertight

Producer: Trevor Evans

Director: Jonathan Glynn Smith

Sound Design: Dominic Dew

Agency: Sky Creative

Director/Creative: Neill Torbit

Producers: Danielle Meredith/Roberts Jones

Creative Director: Simon Buglione/Barry Skolnick