Hass Hassan

Hass Hassan

Hass has been here since the very beginning, helping set up Zoo (now part of Jungle) in 1994. A senior sound engineer who has worked on D&AD Gold award winning ads, Hass has advertised everything from panty liners to pizzas.

You can see more of his work on Vimeo here.

Sound Design: Hass Hassan

Agency: Adam & Eve DDB

Creative: Matt Woolner / Steve Wioland

Director: Neil Gorringe 

Producer: Lucinda Ker

Sound Design: Hass Hassan

Agency : Ogilvy London

Creatives : James Manning/Richard Barrett

Director : Daniel Kleinman @ Rattling Stick

Producer : Kim Parrett

Sound Design: Hass Hassan

Agency: DDB London

Creatives: Shish Patel & Sam Oliver

Director: Noam Murro

Producer: Lucinda Kerr