Stuart Allen-Hynd

Stuart Allen-Hynd

Stuart started working at Jungle 10 years ago and since then his love for sound has taken him to far flung locations, live broadcast records, and studio sessions alike.

Outside of work, his passion for composing music often means he has a couple of tracks on the go, and when not in the studio he’s DJing at parties and club nights. His positive energy and fantastic ability to work with people of all ages and abilities keeps him busy - whether it’s recording young voices for hit Nickelodeon shows or creating Christmas carols using the sound of singing mosquitos! 

You can see more of his work on Vimeo here.

Sound Designer/Mix: Stuart Allen-Hynd

Agency: Craft Worldwide

Creative: Jilo

Director: Michael Downing

Producer: Lois Newcombe

Voice Over: Peter Serafinowicz


Sound design: Stuart Allen-Hynd

Producer: Matt Palmer

Client: Nickelodeon


Sound design: Stuart Allen-Hynd

Agency: Nickelodeon

Voice Director: Stuart Allen-Hynd

Producer: Allan Johnston

                    Dani Van Herk